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The Simple Guide to Writing Your Brand's Unique Value Proposition

So what is a unique value proposition (UVP) anyway?? It sounds fancy, and some people make it really complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m going to keep this simple and doable. I think the more this subject is complicated, the more it can feel crippling to tackle it, or just not. And we NEED to figure this out as small creative business owners--So dive in with me!

In a nutshell: Your unique value proposition is: What you do and who you do it for, and why are you doing it better OR differently than your competition.

And you can breath, because you don’t have to do it better or differently than absolutely everyone in the world. JUST your competition and your niche, serving your specific audience/clients.

Having a niche massively narrows down your competition, you don’t need to be different than everyone, just a few other businesses

This is one of the benefits and empowerments really, of having a specific niche and ideal customer. It really helps you narrow down your UVP. I talked about this topic in my last blog post here, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already!

The AWESOME news is that having a UVP, and employing it in your brand messaging, helps bring clarity to the ideal customer you are trying to reach. And clarity aids conversion! Yay! And it’s important to remember: The most important element of copywriting for your small business, isn’t creativity, but rather clarity.

So keep it simple sister, and let’s hammer your UVP out together in just a few words. Here is a simple Unique Value Proposition Template you can plug and play with today!

I (verb) (noun)

For (ideal client)

To (pain point solution) So here’s an example of my Unique Value Proposition: I (craft) (authentic brand images) For (creative maker mamas) To (Allow them to connect with their clients and can focus their precious time on doing more of what they love.) And in case you love things being broken down like I do: Do you see how even in that relatively simple piece I subtly wove how I was different? A few descriptive words goes a long way. I don’t just “take pictures for small businesses” I: craft images (so I’m being intentional AND artistic here!) and not just any images, but specifically branding images, that are authentic--They are believable, and they are going to connect with your clients. I’ve also painted a portrait of who I work with, creative maker mamas-- which is going to repel a lot of clients, BUT TOTALLY speak to the clients I am appealing too! And then finally I’ve worded their pain point in a way that my ideal client is going to say, “She gets me! She understands!” This creates a connection between us. If you are stuck on what pain point you solve, chances are you need to just stop and dig a little bit more into the life of your ideal client. Once you start laser focusing on a specific type of client, you can do market research on what problems or desires they have in life that your product or service could help solve. Once you’ve got that paint point nailed down, you can plug it into your UVP and put it to work in your brand strategy and messaging.

If you are still stuck trying to think about why you stand out, put yourself in the reverse situation: Why would you hire or buy from yourself? What are your strengths? What is your process, and what steps might be unique in that process?

And on a final note of encouragement: Don’t aim for A plus work. Just get your message out there! And you can fine tune and tweak as you go. :)

If you’re ready to write and start employing your UVP, JOIN ME in my brand building facebook course and community!

I’m a mil spouse mama of three and brand photographer in Georgia; during naptime I love to strategically unpack branding to help other small businesses stand out and sell in a saturated market.

I’m diving more in depth about this blog post inside my group, as well as sharing other helpful resources, and how you can find your specific niche market for your business TODAY!

We’re using the social learning group mode, so you can jump in any time and catch up!


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