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Columbus, Ga Brand Shoot with Makeup Artist Binkey Winks

Binkey was a serious joy to shoot and work with. She's not only a talented makeup artist, but also a beautiful model. Having her in front of my camera was an absolute breeze! She's getting ready to launch her website (I'll link here when she does!) and our goal was to craft a library of images she could use on her website to communicate what her client experience and working with her is like. She also hosts makeup tutorial webinars, so we needed images she could use to advertise for those as well. Beforehand we planned out every set of images that she would need, and crafted a

timeline to keep us on track during our hour and a half shoot. She was SUPER committed and got up at dawn thirty to start makeup on her models so that they were *almost* done by the time I showed up at 10:45. That way the pictures of her doing their makeup was just the finishing touches to each look. This was DEFINITELY the way to go, as it still took longer than I would have imagined for her to craft each beautiful set of lips--She is a serious artist and has incredible attention to detail.

The biggest challenge of the shoot was working with the lighting. Binkey had sent me over the airbnb she wanted to book and I had approved it via the listing photos. However, it was MUCH smaller and darker than we could have imagined. (Lesson learned on my part!) We threw open all the windows to let as much light in as possible, and I was able to shoot on a higher ISO with my Z6 without a problem to compensate. Yay for having the right equipment! I had brought all my lighting equipment with me *just in case* but we didn't end up pulling out, and were able to save a lot of time and shoot more because of it. Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite images, showing off her bridal, glam, and every day looks, as well as highlighting the gorgeous artist herself.


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